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This roleplay is currently under reconstruction. This does not mean you cannot apply, it simply means that it may take us time to get to that application. Please do not let this discourage you from applying, as we are only trying to get this roleplay up and running again. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Facade is an Alternate Universe (AU) Kingdom Hearts/Multi-Fandom RPG. It takes place before Chain of Memories, so that it can be spoiler-free and leave room for development of a different plot. Any character from any anime/TV series/game/movie is allowed.


In THE WORLD THAT NEVER WAS resides a world that had been left for terminated by it’s residents. Ansem the Wise’s world, Faciatta, had been disposed of when it had served it’s principle—testing for the thirteenth Order’s own customized computer-generated world: Twilight Town. The world had been left incomplete, destroyed, and completely abandoned, until Organization XIII rediscovered the midden once again when they had new plans—testing on the subjects they had gathered in the false world in order to discover a way to obtain hearts once again, thus leading them into completion.

Those who have been brought to the world against their own accord will be used like puppets for Organization XIII. They will observe the subjects’ every move, interact with them, and see how they interact with others. Every piece of information will unveil more and more about those with hearts, and how they differ from themselves—the Nobodies. In the end, their ultimate goal will be accomplished.

Everything is an illusion in the world of Faciatta, and one can not be certain about what is real, and what is not. Only those who know the true essence of the illusions may conquer them. Anything and everything can be an act. Deceit rules all in the world of Faciatta. Your imagination is limitless, so explore what you wish and delve into the world that is an extravagant masquerade.

The creators of the world, Organization XIII, now continuing the research on their own, have decided to manipulate those inside of the world for their own fulfillment. Since the world has been left incomplete, the gaps and non-existent areas have yet to be discovered or tested upon, so the possibilities are limitless; explore.

After all, it's only an ACT.


Organization XIII is responsible for kidnapping people from various worlds to study the basics of human life; to blend in with the society despite their major differences. Because of their ability to fake humanity, pretending an existence of a heart, they are capable of carrying out their ploys without much trouble whatsoever.

They will throw away their identity as a Nobody for the time being; plotting in the shadows, working in the darkness… Until they regroup and launch their grand scheme.


I. This is the most important of all. There is no OOC drama allowed in Façade whatsoever. OOC drama does nothing but tear everybody apart. If you have a grudge against somebody, keep it out of the RPG, please, for the sake of the gameplay.

II. You must remain fairly active and post at least once every week. If you know you are to take a leave of absence longer than that, please inform everyone in the OOC community. If you plan to take a hiatus longer than a month, please discuss this with the mods so that you aren't removed from the RP.

III. No n00bs, plz. Cuz n00bs rnt teh kewl, ttly. Type with grammar, correct punctuation, and style. There isn’t anybody out there that doesn’t appreciate that. If you have a character who is illiterate or just a poor typist, then that is obviously allowed.

IV. If you have anything to say to us mods, say it to us up front. We won’t threaten to kick you out, we won’t bitch at you, and we absolutely will not be discourteous to you, so long as you are courteous to us. We’re going to be the best mods we can for you guys, and being bitchy, unfair mods that don’t like to talk isn’t our idea of good modship, so please, talk to us if you want! We won’t bite!

V. Mature situations will arise during gameplay, OOC chats, etc. Please be prepared to handle this, and if you aren’t comfortable with it, then don’t apply. It can be guaranteed that adult situations will pop up occasionally. If possible, please give a warning first.

VI. In addition to the "mature situations," please be aware that, in some cases, there will be homosexual content. We hope that you can tolerate this because, the mods and other players will not be held responsible if you are offended. If you happen to be a homophobe, we suggest that you reconsider joining.

VII. Absolutely NO OOC behavior. Although we try in the game's best interest to stay fair to all of our players, we do not want too much random crack to appear in this game. You must keep the character you are playing true to canon as much as possible. If we feel that you are playing MASSIVELY OOC to the point that you are raping character canon, we will give you a warning, as well as time to shape up the character. However; if we do not see an improvement, we will have to strip you of your ownership of your character.

Façade is not a crack RPG, but there are exceptions to this rule. Exceptions include: influence from other characters, alcohol, drugs, the Organization, bugs in Faciatta announced by the mods, and any other factors which cannot be controlled.


facaderpg - The main community. This is an OOC community for the mods to post announcements in.

facademb - A message board located in the center of town. It is a giant hologram that keeps everyone updated on the weather. You can also find some announcements from civilians. Everyone has access to this, but any posts must be made IC.

facadelogs - All roleplaying threads and logs will be posted here with a certain format that is posted in the community user-info.

facadeooc - An OOC community where you post all your out-of-character things. There are no rules! Just keep mature contents under cuts, and that's it. If you are going on a vacation, hiatus or whatever, please post that here. You can also ask questions, post art, request characters, and announce if you are new or quitting.


Taken Characters: Here you can see who plays who.

Reserved Characters: Reserve a character here for one week.

Applications: Apply here with the format provided.

Friend Add/Remove: Too lazy to manually add everyone? Go here and follow the instructions.

Hiatus: If you're going to go on a hiatus, please state so here.

Dropped: If you want to drop a character, comment here.

FAQ: Any questions pertaining to the RP? Don't be shy.

Complaints: This has to do with any complaints you have with the RP, with another player, or even with a mod. Anonymous comments allowed. Comments are screened.

Locations: Most locations are posted here. Any ideas? Please share.

Residence: Comment here with where your character is currently staying in the format provided.

Calendar: This lists how the time passes in-game and IRL, and will list any special events going on for the month.


Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you might have. You can either contact us mods as a whole at facaderpg@gmail.com or contact us individually as follows:


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The Kingdom Hearts series and the other series' present are not in anyway owned by us, neither are they affiliated with us; we are merely fans whom had entirely too much time on their hands. All series' are copyrighted by their respectful owners, however, the storyline IS ours. Any recreation of this storyline and whatnot will not be tolerated. Also, all events going on the game are NOT real.

The original T-Mobile SIDEKICKS are also copyrighted and owned by their respectful owners. We do not, in anyway, own their product. We just simply liked the idea and adjusted it to our own likings and to whatever would fit our game. Thank you.