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Facade - A Kingdom Hearts RPG.'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Facade - A Kingdom Hearts RPG.

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Activity Check [22 Nov 2006|11:12am]

Okay everyone, as you probably already know, this place is undergoing various changes, and in order to progress we need to know who's going to be staying and who's going to be dropping.

Yes, it's time for an ACTIVITY CHECK. Please comment with your character/s' name within 7 days if you're going to stay. Anyone who doesn't reply will be assumed to have left and consequently removed from the communities.

No big deal and definitely no hard feelings if you've decided to drop, though. We understand that everyone has RL commitments and the like, but please only reply if you're serious, and ready, for the commitment of staying active. That would mean at least one IC post, comment, or some kind of participation in plot etc each week, which we hope is reasonable.

Thank you to everyone for your patience!
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[19 Nov 2006|10:08pm]

In case you hadn't realised it yet, this roleplay is undergoing yet another mod change.

Comments from those willing to stick it out and those wishing to back out are appreciated. Nobody will be offended if you drop, it's just so much easier to organize when we know what's going on with everyone. We will take numbers and opinions into account when deciding how best to make the transition. Start anew? Continue from this point, perhaps creating a reason for sudden disappearances?

There are some changes we'd like to make to this rp, and we don't want to begin prematurely, so expect some delay in getting this going.

Suggestions are encouraged!
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Last Mod Post [15 Nov 2006|10:29pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Now that I finally have a few hours of free time, I can actually address the issue that's built up over the past couple days.

For those who don't know about what happened and what all the drama is about, here it is:

Jao and I let ourselves get too busy with IRL stuff, and thus, we weren't very active with our characters at all, and we were slow to update character lists. I know that helped cause major tension, since it caused other people to also become less active.

On top of that, we made a mistake and let an active player go without first giving them a warning. We did believe they were being OOC, but we were too rash and broke our own rule by not giving them a warning first and even giving them a chance.

For all of the above, I personally apologize.

I know that doesn't fix anything, but I felt it needed to be said. I don't know how I can moderate at Poly just fine and more or less flop here. Maybe I'm just better as a co-mod. As for Jao, I know she's sorry, too.

However, I do have something to say. As soon as someone reminded us of our mistake, we immediately responded and said we realized we acted too rashly. We were planning on fixing it today and apologizing about it, but then people got a little too impatient and left.

Obviously, that's your choice, but I think no matter how angry you are, publicly insulting us and calling us horrible mods was rather terrible. I understand that we wronged somebody, but we were attempting to remedy it, and there was no reason to be so very rude about it. At the very least, you could have IMed us or emailed us to talk about it privately first. It isn't like we're strangers.

But at the same time, I understand why people have left, and I accept that Jao and I are not good moderators for this community. I made a mistake in offering to take it over.

I don't want to just say that it's closed for good, so if anybody would like to take over, please say so. If not, perhaps it is better left dead.

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Modly Post - Heartless [12 Nov 2006|12:21am]

Hey there everyone! I hope you're having fun with Facade. Sorry we mods have been absent so much lately, but as we've been saying we're both very busy. However, we have a new feature to introduce! Heartless.

Everyone is now welcome to NPC some Heartless, but we have some conditions. There are not very many Heartless in the city at the moment, so you can NOT say your character is being attacked by swarms of Heartless. Please limit the number of Heartless attacking your character to a reasonable amount. This restriction will be enforced.

Also, the types of the Heartless that can be controlled are also restricted to certain ones. At the moment, the only Heartless in the city are Shadows & Soliders. Any other Heartless will be introduced later, either through a mod post OR through a Virus Type event. Boss-Type Heartless will also be introduced via Virus events and posted using the Heartless journal!

If anyone has any questions about Heartless usage feel free to ask a question in the FAQ page or contact me.

Jao-mod ♥
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Mini-Mod Needed [06 Nov 2006|09:39pm]


There are quite a few things to address, so please pay attention!

★ Calendar - It has been updated. We apologize for being INCREDIBLY late on that, but hopefully the couple virus days we have will make it up to you? On that note, both of us are brain dead lately and it took us forever to even think up just that many. We would love it if you members could participate and suggest any viruses you might want in the future. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SUGGEST THINGS. The worst that can happen is we won't use your idea. No harm done.

★ Hiatuses - We understand that life happens, ESPECIALLY right now with school and NaNoWriMo. However, while it's good to post your hiatus notice in facadeooc, we also request that you post them in the Hiatus thread. This helps us mods keep better track of who is on hiatus. Also, post there replying to your own comment when you return, so we can delete the comment and forget about it.

★ Housing - POST WHERE YOUR CHARACTER IS CURRENTLY LIVING. Be sure to take a look at the Locations if you can't remember what is what. And if your character moves, PLEASE remember to comment with their new residence.

★ Friends Add/Remove - It is good to get into the habit to check here at least once a week to make sure your friend's list is updated. Sometimes people don't announce in the OOC community when they join or leave, so don't neglect to do this.

★ Questions - Jao and I are very busy. She has work and school, and I have two jobs and moderate another community, and so while we would like to be the best mods EVAR and be willing to chat with you on AIM, we really don't have the time or energy. If you have any questions pertaining to your characters or the RP, please go to the FAQ and read, then comment with your question. That way would be best as well, because then we will both have a chance to look at it and chances are your question will be answered faster.

★ Co-Moderator - Last but not least... BECAUSE Jao and I are so busy, we've decided that we would like a third moderator. Just someone to help make sure the Taken Character List, Reserve List, and the Friend Add/Remove lists are updated if she and I aren't online. You would also help us with applications if we feel we need a third party's opinion.

If you feel like you have the free time, motivation, and energy, please comment here. All comments will be screened for your privacy. We will email you if you are accepted. If not, no hard feelings? ♥
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