Facade Mods (facade_mods) wrote in facaderpg,
Facade Mods

Activity Check

Okay everyone, as you probably already know, this place is undergoing various changes, and in order to progress we need to know who's going to be staying and who's going to be dropping.

Yes, it's time for an ACTIVITY CHECK. Please comment with your character/s' name within 7 days if you're going to stay. Anyone who doesn't reply will be assumed to have left and consequently removed from the communities.

No big deal and definitely no hard feelings if you've decided to drop, though. We understand that everyone has RL commitments and the like, but please only reply if you're serious, and ready, for the commitment of staying active. That would mean at least one IC post, comment, or some kind of participation in plot etc each week, which we hope is reasonable.

Thank you to everyone for your patience!
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