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Modly Post - Heartless

Hey there everyone! I hope you're having fun with Facade. Sorry we mods have been absent so much lately, but as we've been saying we're both very busy. However, we have a new feature to introduce! Heartless.

Everyone is now welcome to NPC some Heartless, but we have some conditions. There are not very many Heartless in the city at the moment, so you can NOT say your character is being attacked by swarms of Heartless. Please limit the number of Heartless attacking your character to a reasonable amount. This restriction will be enforced.

Also, the types of the Heartless that can be controlled are also restricted to certain ones. At the moment, the only Heartless in the city are Shadows & Soliders. Any other Heartless will be introduced later, either through a mod post OR through a Virus Type event. Boss-Type Heartless will also be introduced via Virus events and posted using the Heartless journal!

If anyone has any questions about Heartless usage feel free to ask a question in the FAQ page or contact me.

Jao-mod ♥
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