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Mini-Mod Needed


There are quite a few things to address, so please pay attention!

★ Calendar - It has been updated. We apologize for being INCREDIBLY late on that, but hopefully the couple virus days we have will make it up to you? On that note, both of us are brain dead lately and it took us forever to even think up just that many. We would love it if you members could participate and suggest any viruses you might want in the future. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SUGGEST THINGS. The worst that can happen is we won't use your idea. No harm done.

★ Hiatuses - We understand that life happens, ESPECIALLY right now with school and NaNoWriMo. However, while it's good to post your hiatus notice in facadeooc, we also request that you post them in the Hiatus thread. This helps us mods keep better track of who is on hiatus. Also, post there replying to your own comment when you return, so we can delete the comment and forget about it.

★ Housing - POST WHERE YOUR CHARACTER IS CURRENTLY LIVING. Be sure to take a look at the Locations if you can't remember what is what. And if your character moves, PLEASE remember to comment with their new residence.

★ Friends Add/Remove - It is good to get into the habit to check here at least once a week to make sure your friend's list is updated. Sometimes people don't announce in the OOC community when they join or leave, so don't neglect to do this.

★ Questions - Jao and I are very busy. She has work and school, and I have two jobs and moderate another community, and so while we would like to be the best mods EVAR and be willing to chat with you on AIM, we really don't have the time or energy. If you have any questions pertaining to your characters or the RP, please go to the FAQ and read, then comment with your question. That way would be best as well, because then we will both have a chance to look at it and chances are your question will be answered faster.

★ Co-Moderator - Last but not least... BECAUSE Jao and I are so busy, we've decided that we would like a third moderator. Just someone to help make sure the Taken Character List, Reserve List, and the Friend Add/Remove lists are updated if she and I aren't online. You would also help us with applications if we feel we need a third party's opinion.

If you feel like you have the free time, motivation, and energy, please comment here. All comments will be screened for your privacy. We will email you if you are accepted. If not, no hard feelings? ♥
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